The Intonation Repair Tool pairs a comprehensive book and training CD that is one of the most innovative routines in the field. The IRT book includes everything that you will need to understand, diagnose and refine your intonation. The IRT CD includes 6 exercises in all 12 keys that encourage confident decision making and allow your instincts to become your best teacher.

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What musicians are saying about the IRT:

“I recommend highly the IRT to all members of CYSO as the most useful tool available for isolating the issues of both hearing and playing with good intonation.”

-Allen Tinkham
Music Director, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras

"The IRT makes intonation work very clear, very easy, and very obvious. There is nothing I have found that is as effective."

- Dr. David Burt
Soloista B, Gulbenkian Orchestra
Professor, Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa

 "For years, I've worked at the piano and with drones to refine my pitch.  The IRT is even more effective because it forces the user to know the pitch before playing, rather than hearing the drone and responding.  Using it helps establish a confidence that my pitch will be reliable.  I also enjoy how well you organized the exercises.  They are efficient and comprehensive."

 - Jeff Dee
Bass Trombonist, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

The IRT is a fantastic tool to maintain and further hone ones aural skills for real world situations. This is a must have for any serious musician looking to push the barriers of their ears and intonation diagnostic skills.

- Robert Trevino
Associate Conductor Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

"It’s difficult to give sufficient praise to the IRT.  This brilliant guide has broken intonation down to its barest essentials while presenting exercises that are simple, clear and easily absorbed.  I use the system as a conductor, a professor and as a part of my daily practice routine.  Nothing out there works this well!"

 -Terrance Gray
Violinist, Chicago Sinfonietta
Associate Conductor, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras
Professor of Violin, Columbia College Chicago

"I have used this book in my studio and find that most trumpet students are not as aware of the complexity and expectations as far as intonation is concerned. This is a great book and should be in every ones teaching studio from Performance to Music Education especially!  Thanks for all of your hard work."

- Rob Parton
Associate Professor of Trumpet, Capital University Columbus Ohio.

"This is a great tool. I use it every day."

- Dr. Donald Babcock
Professor of Trombone & Jazz, Eastern Michigan University

"I think that the IRT is wonderful!  I especially like how it breaks down everything very clearly and is so straightforward - there is a lot of valuable information packed into the user's guide.  The pace and length of the CD tracks also makes it easy to incorporate the IRT into daily practice.  I also appreciate how you touch on thinking of tuning in a musical way and it being a collaborative process - this is so often forgotten."

- Meaghan Kawaller
Clarinetist, “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band

"As a professional musician in New York city it is key to be versatile. It doesn't matter if I am playing with Maria Schneider, Harry Connick Jr., in a Broadway pit or in the studio, playing in tune and musically are my absolute top priority. I think that the IRT is an incredible tool that every musician (young and old) should have and use often. Thank you to TKBB Press for putting out such a great product!"

- Augie Haas
New York Freelance Artist

"What I like about the IRT is that it forces you to listen and adjust within a key, which is much more than a set of drones can do."

- Thomas Reynolds
Co-Principal Bassoon, US Coast Guard Band

I have just begun to use the IRT and I am already seeing a considerable improvement. The demands of the contemporary percussionist are numerous, especially concerning the timpani: it is really the only time we are presented with the challenge of tuning, essentially no one owns their own drums, and when there are instruments provided, they are frequently less than ideal. Truly, the only device that we can rely on is our own skill. Working with the IRT, especially singing with the drones, has helped me considerably in my playing and overall musicianship. I am performing with new confidence in situations I previously found daunting.

- Nils Higdon
Chicago freelance percussionist and instructor Drums, Mosaik Jazz Ensemble

"The IRT closes the gap between students sitting in aural training class and performing and rehearsing on the professional level."

- Julia Filson
Horn, Gaudete Brass

"The IRT in my opinion is one of the most practical and efficient ways to find the blind spots/ingrained habits in your daily playing with regards to intonation. The IRT methodically covers all scales and arpeggios, including ones that many musiciains have a tendency to ignore. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my intonation, especially the ability to hear intervals, resulting in a higher level of confidence in rehearsal and performance situations"

- Caleb Lambert
Trombonist, Axiom Brass Quintet

"I think one of the most useful aspects of the IRT is that it allows students to first play a given pitch in the slot where they normally do, then encourages them to adjust it quickly as the reference pitch sounds."

- Dr. Andrew L Cheetham
Assistant Professor of Trumpet, Eastern Illinois Univeristy

"Thanks again for IRT. It is a great gift for the whole music world!"

-Darren Castellanos
Bass Trombonist, Civic Orchestra of Chicago

"I have found the IRT to be the best intonation exercise available!  Perfect intonation is always an challenge, even among some professional players.  The IRT contains ideal exercises that help you fix the intonation issues that are still present from your first days of music training."

- Sun He
Bass Trombone at Lakefront Brass Quartet, Freelance Musician

"The IRT has been an immense tool in helping me understand how to better play in tune. More importantly, however, it has showed me the importance of listening to the people around me in an ensemble.  Therefore, the IRT has not only helped my tuning, but my musicianship and style as well."

- Miguel Carrazza
Trumpet, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra

"The IRT is a brilliant method for developing musicians' ensemble skills because it allows us to focus on tuning practically all of the intervals that we will play in ensembles outside of the rehearsal setting. Using the IRT makes the process of learning how to tune intervals much more efficient because we can incorporate the ear training necessary for effective ensemble playing into our daily practice routine. Using the IRT is also fun because tuning intervals perfectly is a formidable challenge, but the information in the IRT book and the sound examples on the CD demonstrate how to achieve a tangible reward---there is no sound more satisfying than a perfectly tuned interval! The IRT helps us learn how to play perfectly in tune on a consistent basis.  I truly enjoy using the IRT and believe that TKBB Press is making a significant contribution to the music world."

- Julius Stein-Supanich
University of Chicago

"As a bass player, intonation is one of the most difficult-- and most crucial-- skills to master. Through working extensively with the IRT both in my warm-ups and with my solos and excerpts, I've learned a number of methods and exercises that have vastly improved my pitch accuracy and adjustment. The IRT has taught me to think about my intonation in completely new ways, and I've seen a vast improvement in my playing because of it. I've given it to my middle school students, too, and I can really hear the difference, even in my youngest students!"

- Patricia Wallinga
Double Bass, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra

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