TKBB Recording

TKBB Press offers professional audio recording for musicians of all levels.

From orchestral concerts to competition recordings, we have the tools to make your projects stand out.

Our experience allows us to offer expert feedback and solutions in a low pressure setting. Whether you need a single take or require editing, we use the latest technology to capture your best performance.

Please contact us for rates and to develop a recording strategy.

Services Offered

  • High quality playback at any time during the session
  • Exporting to many types of media (CD, DVD, online download)
  • Many formats (.Mp3, .WAV, .ACC, Apple Lossless)

Tom and Bill check levels
for a solo audition recording.

Bill listens while Tom changes
settings on the microphones.

Bill, Tom and Ed prepare the hall for a session with the Chicago Symphony Brass Section.  The finished product was shown at the music conservatory in Beijing, China.




Our clients deserve
a first class product!

Goofing around with Clark Baxtresser,
while fine-tuning the sounds used
on the IRT disc.

Helping us edit a quintet recording.  This dragon has great ears, but must eat!